Name: Cecilia
Age: 15
School: CHIJ (TP)
Birthday: 1 Feb 1989

Nationality: Indonesian
Dreams: to be a game producer!!!


Let's see... i like harry potter, lotr, animes (lots of them) and i like lots of japanese and english singers and i jus love japanese food ask me bout it and i will tell u where to get good ones...



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    Friday, May 28, 2004

    i m so dam dead tml will be taking report book what if i fail.. what if i don make it.. actually i may pass math but i noe science is no hope oooo sht wat the hell how come test so hard one.. i rather go to normal schools better than gd school.. probably if i work hard i will make it somemore mrs tan my science teacher wans to speak to my mom i m soo dead but i hope shell go easy on me.. ganbatte!!! school holidae work hard!!! don give up!!! i noe i can make it!!! i got the highest in class in science in psle so thats y mrs tan wans me to get a1 y i deprove so badly.. maybe bcos i hav problems memorizing and understanding them.. science is jus not my thing.. somebody pls help meee!!!

    Cecilia :: 4:56 am

    Monday, May 24, 2004

    hi skul is soo drag todae maybe cos i failed 2 subjects which soo impt. I am half dead, and if i don buck up i will be even more dead in the final year. This Lydia keep complaining to me bout ernica (sometimes i don listen la) if she rly don like her then don go round with her la then complain to me for wat..
    i jus bought advance tickets for harry potter 3!!! haha soo exciting man.. wow i got the limited edition bookmark oso haha omg i soo happy!!! i was like jumping with excitement..
    Some more this ragnarok game got hacked twice and all the hard work i put in all go down to drain.. anyway it is illegal la so..
    and Gravity the company which is official will be fining those opening this kind of private web site $10000 us dollars man.. it was so sad.. the administrator, left the las post saying how much he had put in and how sad he was.. i think it was harder for him.. it may come back, but maybe with another owner.. some more if it come back, all will be erased and must start all over again.. that is soo drag..
    And as i mention, i hate those people who think they know so much bout animes that they start telling me bout them.. as if they know more.. all they know oso bout ccs and other common ones.. like wat da hell as if they know more they soo naive bout animes.. i wont name out who they are and they probably wont know oso there is only one person whom i think know more than me bout animes and some more she is not in the same school as i am now.. so don think its you ya.. i will be going back to indo soon, which is i m very happy bout i have never been soo excited before, and probably because i will be meeting my best friends whom i have not met for many many years.. haha maybe..

    Cecilia :: 3:35 am